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    Let me ask you some some general questions

    • Do you have headaches?
    • Do you get stressed out?
    • Do you have neck, shoulder, and back tension?
    • Have you been injured in a car accident?


    For Students

    • Do you want to increase your retention up to 50%?
    • Do you want to decrease your study time up to 50%?


    Did you answer YES to any of the above questions? Then you are a likely candidate to get a professional massage here at the Body Therapy Center




    Office is located in Church Street Square, "the old Robeson Building"
    The building is located at the S/E corner of Randolph St. and Church St. downtown Champaign.
    The entrance has two flower pots on both sides of the entrance
    that is one door north of the Peking Garden.


    NOTE A:  The parking lot behind the build belongs to someone else. 
    You cannot park there at all except after 2:30pm and on the weekends.
    You can park on Park Street or North across Church Street 
    on both sides Randolph west across from Nitaya Restaurant.


    NOTE B: As you come through the glass door on the fifth floor turn right.
    We are on the left hand side of the hall way "Suite 501".


    If you are coming from Campus.
    Take either Green - Springfield - University to Randolph one block west of Neil.
    Turn North (right-one way) on Randolph, 2-blocks north of University.

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